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Pet Water Bottle with Feeder Compartment

Pet Water Bottle with Feeder Compartment

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Portable Pet Water Bottle with Built in Feeder Compartment!

This specially designed water bottle allows for your furry friend to drink from the bottle with ease, while going on those long walks. This versatile accessory is a must have for pet owners. 

Hydration and Nourishment On-the-Go

This crafty device allows you to carry water and snacks for your pets no matter where you go. The top compartment holds a generous amount of water while the bottom compartment serves as a convenient feeder carrying a sufficient amount of food to keep your furry friend energised on your adventures. 

Convenient Design for Easy Feeding

At Oli’s Pet Shop we understand the struggles that pet owners face when they attempt to give their dogs water with their own bottles. This allows your pets to drink the water with ease through the bowl attached on top of the bottle. We also eliminate the need to carry an extra bag for food when you can just store snacks for your pet in the bottom compartment. 

Leak-Proof and Travel-Friendly

We understand the mess that comes with having a pet so with our product we aim to minimise that problem for pet owners. Our Portable Pet Water Bottle features a leak proof seal that prevents any spills on the go. Meaning you can confidently toss it in your backpack or walk around with it care free without worrying about spillages.

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